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Hi there! My name is Fiera – artist, writer, outdoor junkie, and avid pin and pen collector. As a native Dallasite, I’ve been influenced by both the vibrancy of culture and eclectic nature of the city; and my works reflect this devotion. With a background in Fine and Literary Art, it is my deepest desire to create not only an environment fostering diversity in the space, but one of hope and encouragement while operating with purpose.

My first collection of poetry and prose entitled Whenever it Smells Like Rain (2017), and its coinciding live reading tour, served as the springboard for OCAB, and it was my debut art exhibition in July 2018, “The Pariah Escapes the Caste”, that truly represents the foundation of my hopes. The collection depicts an underserved, marginalized, and often ostracized community; reflecting a people that continue to be labeled low caste. In this work, I aspire to show the people escaping that caste and finally possessing the beauty they had within all along.

I reside in The Colony, Texas with my husband, daughter, and beloved hamster, Violet. At night I paint and eat ice cream, loving the sweet nature of both. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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