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A Purpose Beyond the Wall

My values and mission drive all that I aspire to.

For me, life has always been about more than simply art or writing. The values to which I hold steadfast, as well as my faith, inspire me to strive to do more for this world. I’ve seen miraculous things – out in the world and in my own life (this little guy, my nephew Reign, was born at 22 weeks with very little chance of survival – he just turned 1 year old). Art is merely the conduit.

I’m fortunate to have the gift of creativity, and I strive to use it as a means to make this world a better place – for everyone; those without, those struggling with mental health, those who are ostracized by society for being different – these are the reasons I create. My hope is to inspire you to action, to operate with purpose.

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OCAB & One Day's Wages Logo
Who I've Aligned With

Fighting to alleviate global poverty.

Poverty, human trafficking, mental health, women’s rights, education – all things I believe in with every ounce of my being. One Day’s Wages is a grassroots movement fighting to alleviate global poverty so that the needs of the world can be met. 10% of all proceeds will go towards their mission. I’m immensely proud to stand with them. Photo by Michael Mims on Unsplash.

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